Faithful Choices IconThe mission of the Committee on Stewardship is to support the ministries and programs of Resurrection Evangelical Lutheran Church in our congregation, our community, and through the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America by providing opportunities and encouragement for member to give thanks by sharing the gifts of time, talent, and financial resources.

Each fall the Committee conducts a "pledge drive" to ask members of the congregation to commit the "first fruits" of our labors to support Resurrection's ministries and programs. Working with the Congregational Council and the Committee on Finance, we provide members with a summary of the church's programs and priorities as reflected in the proposed budget for the forthcoming year. We also provide some basic guidance on how we should approach sharing God's gifts to us to support the church. We try to make it simple for members to contribute. For example, Resurrection offers the option of electronic donations through the "Simply Giving" program: members can authorize the transfer of a specific amount to the church on a weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly basis, ensuring that their offerings are received even when they are unable to attend services.

Of course, stewardship of the church involves much more than money. We also look for ways to encourage members of the congregation to volunteer for church programs and activities ranging from membership on standing committees to joining in projects such as hosting coffee hours or the "Rebuilding Together" program to renovate the homes of needy families in our community. Today's Committee Fair is, in part, an outgrowth of our efforts to find new ways for members of Resurrection to be part of the church's work in the community and throughout the world.